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About the Quickpaq Program

SAMR provides recycling solutions for lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics.  SAMR’s QuickPaq program is the solution for your lamp and battery recycling needs.  SAMR is headquartered in Lakewood, NJ. QuickPaq is a simple and easy to use nationwide box program.  Whether you have one facility or several facilities across the United States, QuickPaq can accommodate you.  Simply purchase the boxes and pails you need and fill them.

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Responsible recycling is critical, both because of the recognized environmental impact of mercury, lead, cadmium, PCBs, and other materials, and for compliance with legal requirements.   We comply with all local and federal regulations while transporting and processing these materials.  SAMR customers include cities, schools, government agencies, hospitals, and other institutions.  Our efficiency, convenience, and reporting make recycling the right option for your business.