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NON PCB Ballast Recycling

Ballasts should always be sent for recycling and QuickPaq makes it easy for you to do so.  Our easy to use 5-Gallon ballast (non-PCB) pail allows you to simply fill the pail, schedule the pickup with FedEx and off it goes to be recycled.  Businesses that discard their non-PCB ballasts should take the same precautions as they do with their PCB ballasts.  Electronic lighting ballasts contain circuit boards, which are known to contain various metals that are best left to be recycled by a licensed and approved recycler.

To recycle larger quantities or types of ballasts, please contact SAMR today to schedule a pickup.  With access to over 150 trucks and trailers, SAMR is capable of servicing clients with larger volumes nationwide.

SAMR can provide containers, shipping documentation, transportation and recycling of your ballasts with our Non-PCB Ballast Recycling Program.  Whether your facility has a small amount or if you generate large quantities of ballasts, SAMR’s non-PCB ballast recycling service is an economical option for you.


Contact us for a free "no-obligation" recycling quote today!  Call 1.866.509.SAMR(7267)