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Battery Recycling

Billions of used batteries are generated annually and can be found in households, businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. 

The QuickPaq program makes recycling these dry-cell batteries simple.  There are two different sized pails for your battery recycling convenience.  Simply order the 1-Gallon or 3.5-Gallon pail and fill it up with dry cell batteries, AAA, AA, C, and D, 9 volt, laptop and power tool sized batteries.  The pails are convenient enough to add cell phones as well. 

To recycle larger quantities or different types of batteries, please contact SAMR today for pickup details.  With access to over 150 trucks and trailers, SAMR is capable of servicing clients with larger volumes nationwide.

SAMR makes compliance simple.  Purchase the pail, fill it and call FedEx to pick it up.  There are no additional fees, shipping and processing are included in the price of the pail.  Call FedEx and off it goes. 

Contact us today for a free "no-obligation" recycling quote today! 1.866.509.SAMR(7267)