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Quickpaq Lamp and Battery Recycling Solutions For Your Business And Home!


SAMR Inc. provides simple and efficient recycling programs to help commercial and residential customers dispose of federally and state designated "Universal Wastes" such as fluorescent lamps, batteries, cell phones and lighting ballasts safely and easily.

SAMR's QuickPaq was designed as a quick and simple lamp, ballast and battery program for customers to properly manage, store and ship their outdated universal waste to SAMR for processing.

Customers with small quantities can take advantage of our convenient and less costly "Mail-Back Recycle Kits" designed for businesses and homes. However, if you generate larger quantities speak to our professional staff about pickup services. 

Responsible lamp disposal is the law and SAMR makes compliance simple. Whether providing recycling, packaging or transportation, SAMR is the most reliable "Universal Waste" recycler nationwide.

SAMR carries all necessary licensing and permits.

Visit our products page or contact us for a free "no-obligation" recycling quote today!

1-866.509.SAMR (7267)